Friday, October 5, 2007

Bonsai - Easier To Grow, Than You Thought!

This article will briefly explore the exciting world of bonsai and contain further links below, for you to explore and enjoy.
The term, "Bonsai" is derived from two Japanese words, "Bon", and "Sai". "Bon" means "tray". "Sai" means, "growing" or "planting". Many people are under the impression that Bonsai was invented by the Japanese.
Not true.
True, the Japanese developed bonsai into what we see today. However, the path leads back to China, where the first bonsai was grown. This Chinese art form was known as 'pon sai'. This method of art, bringing together beauty, truth and essence, in the form of the plant, container and earth, is described as, 'heaven and earth in one container', by the Japanese.
There is still pon sai in China, to this day, but it lacks the artistry, beauty and expertise of the Japanese developed bonsai . This art form demands infinite patience, imagination and care. Rare attributes in the frenetic pace and impatience of today, but well worth developing into one's character.
Japanese Zen Buddhism, was used as a basis to reform the rather ugly and somewhat tortuous pon sai, of the Chinese, into the forms of harmony and beauty of the Japanese bonsai, which we enjoy today. These miniature creations were first only to be found in their Buddhist monasteries, but later found favour with the Japanese ruling classes. Still later, ordinary lovers of this art form ensured its popularity to the present day.
Often, people think it refers only to a type of miniature tree, whereas it is a method of using quite a number of different trees and plants.
A very short list: Maple Cherry Azalea Juniper Apricot Pine Bonsai Privet
That was a brief introduction to the fascinating and calming art of growing bonsai. Follow the links below, especially to my new bonsai web site, for much more.
Ray Cunningham

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