Friday, October 5, 2007

Important Considerations When Displaying Your Bonsai Garden

As you discover how much you love your bonsai garden, you are going to want to show it off. That is great; however, you should never display your garden in a place that is not safe. Either because of safety for the garden or because someone may pick it up and take off with it. Your goal is not likely to be growing these beautiful plants to end up in someone else's yard!
With this in mind you want to first make sure you keep your bonsai garden off the ground. The primary reason for this is to reduce the risk of bugs and pests. While some people may consider children pests, you should be more concerned about the pests with multiple legs that are small and cause serious damage to your garden. If you allow your bonsai garden to be on the ground, you are opening it up to dozens of pests each minute it is on the ground. Never, ever place it directly onto the ground in order to avoid as many pests as possible.
Additionally, you want to make sure that each plant has adequate sunlight and space. Many bonsai need a specific amount of space in order to "breathe" as well as make sure that plenty of light hits the tree. If your bonsai are crowded it will stunt the growth, reduce the amount of light it receives, and cause it to gain a sickly appearance. Remember, a sick plant is more likely to attract pests so you want your plant as strong and healthy as possible to avoid the bugs.
You have spent months growing your bonsai, this means you want to ensure that where you place your garden emphasizes the plants not the stand! You have not worked hard to buy a stand like you have to grow the bonsai. To make sure your stand does not steal the attention from your bonsai garden. If possible, something plain, rather boring, and sturdy is best so that attention is paid to your beautiful garden rather than the stand they are on.
Finally, ensure it is safe! You have not grown your bonsai just to have them fall over. You need to make sure that your stand is strong and sturdy to hold the weight of the bonsai without problems. If you suspect it is not strong, enough then find a new stand. Better safe than sorry.
by Chris Wight

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